Photo of Tracey in front of a wood wall

Building Solutions – Together

Having managed both boardrooms and a busy family of six, I know what it takes to work together to get things done. I will use my balanced, pragmatic style at the legislature to work together to build solutions for our communities that:

  • strengthen our world-class education,
  • expand access to affordable healthcare,
  • protect reproductive freedom,
  • promote a thriving economy,
  • invest in public safety,
  • sustain critical infrastructure,
  • and protect our environment.
Tracey standing in front of an American flag with her hand up getting sworn into office for city council

Why I’m Running

As a nonpartisan city council member, I’ve experienced firsthand how the decisions we make today create the future that our children and grandchildren will inherit. I’m running for the State House to ensure that all Minnesotans have the tools and resources necessary to fulfill their potential so Minnesota remains a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

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